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  • Vacancy for UI/UX Designers

    We are looking for some UI/UX designers with some good experience behind them, let's say aroudn 1-2 years for multiple companies. Qualifying interested candidates may apply for the position by mailing their resume at romeomaskey@gmail.com. Thank y ... Read More

  • Vacancy for PHP Programmer

    We are looking for some php developers with some experience of over 3-4 years in senior position. Qualifying candidates with interest, please mail us your resume to romeomaskey@gmail.com. Thank you!


    JV and MITS Team

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  • Vacancy for Asp.net Programmer

    We are looking to hire senior level asp.net programmers for Tulips Technologies and some other company. So, anyone with 4+ years of experience and interested candidates can mail us their resume at romeomaskey@gmail.com. Thank you!

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  • Vacancy for Web developer

    We are looking for some web developer for multiple companies with the likes of Amnil Hiring a mid level developer with 1-2 years of experience and Tulips hiring in senior position with experience of over 3-4 years. Please mail us your resumes at r ... Read More

  • Vacancy for Wordpress Developer

    We are looking for some wordpress developers in senior position, so anyone with over 4 years of experience in Wordpress development may apply with your resume sent at romeomaskey@gmail.com. It is for a company called Tulips Technologies. Thank you ... Read More

  • You Can't Keep What You Buy But You Will Get Paid

    By Dawn Rosenberg McKay

    Career Planning Expert


    Do you like spending money but don't have an unlimited amoun ... Read More

  • Jobs That Require You to Be Extremely Exact or Accurate
    By Dawn Rosenberg McKay

    Career Planning Expert


    Are you the kind of person who walks into a room and immediately notices ... Read More

  • The Worst Things to Wear in the Workplace

    Appearance matters. It's not everything, and it certainly isn't as important as our performance at work, but people do judge us based on how we look. Don't become known as the guy who looks like ... Read More

  • It is not a random job for a random company but a meticulously chosen  job for the right person and an employee placed rightly into our clients' office. Search and Find- Jobs and Employees

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  • Relax your mood, Chill and smile if not laugh. A good dose for a healthy weekend. :)

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